Fried Potatoes and Sausage

Who doesn’t love some good fried potatoes? I’m not talking about French fries, I’m talking about home fries, breakfast potatoes… yummy. I love The Pioneer Woman, too, (obviously, since I’ve linked to her twice in my first 5 posts) but if I had to make home fries the way she does, I’d only have them once a year. There’s nothing wrong with the way she makes them, I’m just much too lazy. I don’t want to clean potatoes, boil potatoes, chop potatoes, and then chop the onions and peppers… Not for me, all that work.

I do make fried potatoes at home, though. Wanna know my secret?

I’m such a cheater….

So, here’s what you’ll need:

two 32 oz. packages frozen potatoes O’Brien (hash browns with bell peppers and onions)
one 16 oz. smoked sausage
one cup shredded cheese

I have a husband and 2 adult boys in my house. (They’re my kids. I can keep calling them boys if I want to.) I used to get away with one 32oz package of potatoes and ½ of the sausage, freezing the other half for the next time. Everyone’s so stinking grown up in this house now that I have to use 2 bags of potatoes and the whole sausage.

I didn’t think to start taking pictures until I cut the sausage so pretend there’s sausage in that package in the front. It’s one long sausage in a U shape. You can get turkey sausage, breakfast sausage, ham or whatever else you’d like. I’m not a big sausage fan but I like it with the potatoes. I think I’ll try turkey sausage next time. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The first thing I do is put the potatoes, bag and all, in the microwave and defrost them for 5-10 minutes. They cook faster that way and they seem to brown a little better if they are softer when I start cooking. It might just be my imagination, though.

While the potatoes are defrosting I cut the sausage. Again, I forgot to take pictures until this was done but what I do is cut it in half at the bend, and then cut each piece in half lengthwise. Then I just cut it into pieces and throw it in the pan.

Turn the stove on medium and fry the sausage until it’s nice and brown.

I used to cook the potatoes in the grease but I’m trying to cook a healthier, so today I drained off the grease. Again, didn’t think to take pictures but I think you can figure it out. I just pushed all the cooked sausage to one side of the pan, tilted the pan so the grease ran down to the opposite side of the pan, and scooped the grease out with a spoon. I honestly didn’t notice a difference in the flavor so will be doing it this way from now on.

Next, toss in the potatoes.

Stir everything up and put the lid on so the potatoes on the top can finish defrosting while the ones on the bottom are getting a tan. Make sure you stir this every 5 minutes or so to prevent burning.

See how part of the picture is in focus and the edges are blurry? I have no idea how I did that. I thought I had to buy a special lens to get that to happen. Sorry, that’s another post.

I probably could have cooked these a little longer but I was getting hungry.

Remember the fat calories we saved by draining all that grease off? Well, now we’re putting it back on, in the form of cheese. I love cheese. Did you notice on the cheese package that I used 2% cheese? It makes me feel better about eating it.

Put the lid back on, turn the heat off and let it sit while the cheese melts.

I like pepper on mine, my family likes ketchup. This is great for breakfast or dinner and the leftovers are just as good.

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